About the artist

Paper meets x-acto knife, falls victim to the sharp edge. Glue heals the wounds, remakes fragments into whole. We are left with something new, yet old. This is the essence of Collage.

The man responsible for the images you see has been cutting and pasting for over 20 years now. Prior to that he was an oil painter, and his first foray into collage was combined with oil painting. Collage serves as a way to examine the present by re-contextualizing the past. It can also result in some really funny and strangely twisted pictures.

Mr. Young is a working artist with a studio in Alameda, CA. He has exhibited in Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Alameda, and Folsom CA.

Artist Statement

I am a collage artist that uses print media and visual references from many sources over the last century in order to explore the world we are living in today, and how it has been shaped by our past behavior. I do this by re-imagining advertisements, illustrations, maps, and postcards in a way that prods you to question what you are seeing and your perceptions about reality. I rely on humor and absurdity a lot of the time to guide the piece, and I am heavily influenced by the Dadaists and comic strips.

My method of working is usually by free-association. In the beginning, there is generally little planning done, and actually the less planning, the better. I have had better luck with a piece that bubbled up from my subconscious than with a piece that I tried to fit within a predetermined meaning. As soon as the background is worked out, then the other pieces tend to fall into place. All the work is done with an x-acto blade and glue, using original source material.

Maritime Mastadon.jpg